All I want for Christmas is you!

Yesterday mom arrived late morning.  And the boys were going to their dad’s right after school which means mom wouldn’t have gotten to spend any time with them til late Sunday night.  Well I pulled the two youngest out of school (Joey had finals) and surprised mom at the airport with two grandkids and two grand dogs 🐶 😆.... one she knew nothing about til yesterday.  

The screams of shock and excitement when she saw Jake and John was priceless. And after school she did get to spend about an hour with Joey too.  It wasn’t enough time with the boys but enough to fill her heart and tide her over til Sunday.  😍 

This morning through tears, mom said, “I don’t think you can even top Christmas after yesterday’s surprise.  Seeing the boys was the best gift ever.”  

May we all remember what is most important and cherish the time we have with them over the holidays.   The excitement of presents disappears but the memories made with loved ones last forever. 


2017.12.16 Wanninger Christmas-8241.jpg

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!



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