TBT | Olivia | Lake of the Woods, Mahomet, IL | Fall Senior Pictures

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I have never been one to make New Year's Resolutions however at the beginning of this year, I have set several goals for myself both personally and professionally.  One of the areas I am striving to improve upon is blogging.  I've had the pleasure to photograph seniors from Mahomet, Tolono, Tuscola, Champaign Central, Centennial, Urbana, Judah, etc.  These senior sessions were so much fun and it's a shame I have not shared them.  

So this continues my goal of sharing.... in addition to recent sessions any sessions that were over a year ago, I am still sharing intermittently on Throw Back Thursday.  Olivia's session took place at Lake of the Woods, in Mahomet, IL on a beautiful fall day in 2016.  The light was magical, the temps were perfect for the jean jacket and sweater Olivia was wearing in her pics. And surprisingly for as late in the year that it was we still managed to find a tree with vibrant leaves.  

Enjoy looking at a few of my favorite pics from her senior session.

XOXOXO, Heather

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