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When Stephanie asked me if I'd take pictures of her and her daughter Cora, I was maybe a little more excited than usual.  I am a single mom.  Stephanie is a single mom.  These were her very first professional pictures taken as a family of 2.  I remember many stages of acceptance after my divorce and all the firsts that came with a marriage ending.  Whether the 'firsts' were relatively easy or quite difficult they all had a bit of a feeling of accomplishment.... checking one more thing off of my 'first time to complete that task' list.  My life is very much divided by before my dad died/after my dad died and before my divorce/after my divorce. 

Both of those events forced me into a new normal... a new normal I didn't expect.  The first photos I had taken after my ex-husband left are powerful images for me.  They are a reminder that we survived the most difficult time in my life.  Losing my dad (he died when I was a freshman in high school) was horrible but I knew he never stopped loving me.  The pain and heartache I experienced with my ex-husband choosing to leave was tough.  The early days I could hardly pull myself out of bed.  And then I'd look at the pictures of us as a 'new' family of 4, after my he left and I have a sense of pride.  I look at the pics and see a woman that was broken but was healing.  My kids were confused and sad their parents were divorced but they were happy and well adjusted.  There were 4 people in our new family photos that were loved by one another.  That is something to be proud of and I'm thankful I have those photos.  

So for me, taking these pics of Stephanie and Cora was a job I did not take lightly.  I pray that she looks at these pics of her and her daughter and feels love.  I hope she looks at these photos and feels joy seeing the connection they have between each other.  And I want her to be proud.  She found herself on unexpected road in life and she should be proud of not only surviving but thriving.  Stephanie, I pray for you have contentment, joy and peace in the years to come and keep on thriving!



Heather is the owner of Sweet Lemonade Photography and co-owner of Sweet Darling Weddings located in central Illinois (Mahomet).  Life gave her a bunch of lemons (you can read a little more here on her personal blog Sweet Lemonade Life) and by keeping her focus on God, finding the positive in each day, and surrounding herself with supporting, loving and encouraging people she has turned those lemons into the sweetest lemonade.  This blog has been created to share her heart, her adventures and find ways to bless others.  You can contact her at heather@sweetlemonadelife.com or heather@sweetlemonadephotography.com.