Rock 'N' Roll Teen Photo Birthday Session | In the Studio | Mahomet, IL

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I Love Rock 'N' Roll

What a fun way to celebrate turning 15... a rock 'n' roll session filled with music, attitude, and a surprise cake smash!  ha! 

When Tucker's mom and I started collaborating on ideas for his session, we came up with so many fun ideas we might just have to do another session.  :-)  This session, I will probably forever be proud of because it was my very first session in my new studio.  Located in Mahomet, this indoor space means that any of my clients throughout Central Ilinois will have peace of mind in knowing that if it rains the day of their session, there are other options for their photo session.  As the photographer, it is awesome for me as well because, during the real busy months, rescheduling (knock on wood has been rare due to weather) can be tricky.  

In my studio, I have one room that I painted white.... all white!   White floors, white baseboards, white walls, white ceiling.  It is amazing!  The way the light bounces throughout the room gives the finished images a nice look.  And when the background is simple the focus is solely on the subject.  I'm not sure my new studio space will outshine my love for natural light sessions outside but after this first session, I'm actually excited to shoot indoors occasionally.  Backdrops were not my thing but having an entire room as my 'backdrop'.... well that's something I can get behind.  :-) 

The first time I photographed Tucker was two years ago when his sister Mikaela had her senior pictures taken.  Can't believe it's already been that long.  Time sure does fly!  

Yesterday, Tucker turned 15.  Yesterday was his session.  Well, it only seems right that in addition to pictures he was prepared for with his guitars that we surprise him with balloons and a cake smash.  ha!   

In front of the camera, he has a quiet presence, yet seems so comfortable in front of the camera which makes it so fun to photograph him.   We got a variety of pics of him with and without his guitars.  Take note of his guitar strap... I think it's awesome that he's into old school music.  Love me some Guns N' Roses!  

Then we did some pics with balloons surrounding him and then yes.... even made him do a 'cake smash'.  Cake smashes have been a trend for photo sessions when kids celebrate their first birthday. The kids are given permission to eat cake however they want to, with their hands or just go head first into the sugary goodness, while a photograph captures every bite.  Well, I realize Tucker is 14 years late on the typical trend but we still made him do it.  He thought we were crazy.  And what I loved most is when I asked him asked him to do this would he go along with the idea.  His response was a quick no.  Which made his mom and I laugh even more.  I love having this kind of 'power' over the kids I photograph.  muwahaha!  Tucker was a great sport about the fun pictures we took and I got an unexpected ab workout!  :-)   

Ohhhhh, and then we had another trick up our sleeves.  The high school Vice Versa dance is coming up.  That is the dance that the girls ask the guys to the dance.  Well his friend Mimi was getting ready to ask him soooo, we arranged it where she came into the studio during his session and surprised him with this great poster asking if he'd be her date to VV.  He said yes!  Whew!  ha!  I loved that I was able to be a part of the surprise and get a few pics of the two of them.  So fun!  

Do you like the idea of an indoor session?  Shoot me a message and I'll be happy to provide you with your options.