Senior Pics at Jarling's Custard | Ice Cream is a Girl's Best Friend

When we started planning Kennedy’s session we knew we would be doing an extended session because we’d be taking some pics in Champaign and some in Mattoon at their family cabin that has been in the family for generations. We started in downtown Champaign and at one point a pig photobombed us. True story. Scroll down to see the pic.

Well, I don’t know about you but a full afternoon of picture taking and traveling can make me a little hangry. When I suggested stopping at Jarling’s between the two stops, Kennedy enthusiastically said yes! I did not realize how much she LOVES ice cream. She is a huge fan of Jarling’s so I knew we had to take a few pics during our delicious break. :-)

Then we drove down to Mattoon to photograph her at their family’s cabin on the lake. Oh my goodness. It’s a little slice of heaven in central Illinois. So peaceful. So calming. So relaxing. I was wishing I had brought a hammock to tie between two trees on the water’s edge. Actually now that I think about it, it’s probably a very good thing I didn’t cause I’m not sure I would have ever left. ha!

As a three sport athlete (tennis, basketball, and softball), Kennedy’s free time is quite limited. If I were her, I know where I’d want to go when I had a weekend free. The cabin has special meaning to her which is why I’m so thankful we could take pics there. The dock her and her sister are sitting on in the photo below is the same dock they’ve spent their childhood jumping off of. The wood steps Kennedy is sitting on… those were recently built for her grandfather when walking down the hill to get to the dock became more challenging for him.

And the henna tattoo… well I needed to take a pic of that. She forgot about senior pics when she got the henna the week prior. “Hakuna Matata” I think sums up Kennedy perfectly. It means no worries. But if you ever watched Lion King you already knew that. I believe Kennedy’s faith helps provide a solid foundation for that motto. When you have faith in God, it’s easier (I didn’t say it was easy) to worry less. To have less worries. Speaking of Lion King, if you enjoyed the movie you MUST go see the musical. The creativity in the costumes, movement, animals is phenomenal. I’ve see a lot of Broadway shows and musicals and Lion King after 20 years is still one of my all-time favorites. Yeah, I saw that 20 years ago. Doesn’t seem that long ago. Fun fact… Lion King movie was released 24 years ago. Now you feel old don’t you? ;-) I do!

Kennedy, I pray the rest of your senior year is as fantastic as you are! Hakuna Matata



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