A personal post about finding joy in the crappy moments

Getting personal:

Sharing a post from Abbey Kyhl today that felt like she was inside my brain  

“This is pretty much me today. Do you ever feel this way? You can't decide what your emotions are? It’s been a strange month for me on the emotional scale. I'm kind of all over the place.,” Abbey stated.



“An amazing month so full of joy, and also a month so full of worry and frustration. So full of good, and so full of disappointment. So many wonderful moments, and also some not so wonderful ones.

Abbey goes on to say, “Life is strange. It's bizarre how we can just feel all the things and sometimes feel them all at the same time. And be so confused about where we are at that people can ask, "How are you doing?"...and you aren't even sure. So you just say "fine" and go back to your inner dialogue of confusion.”

The roller coaster of emotions that I feel are similar to what Abbey describes below  

"I am so blessed, my life is so wonderful!"
"Why is this happening to me?"

"I can't imagine things working out any better!"
"Will anything go the way I want them to?!"

"I am so proud of myself!"
"I can’t do anything right!"


I love to feel joyful.

Joy however is not exclusive to when life is going ‘right’.  Joy is possible even among the crappiest of days.

When I find the sadness consuming me I have to concentrate a little harder to focus on  joy.   But if you want Joy, it can always be found. 

In the last 19 days of school, I’ve had a boy home with me for 15 of those days (or a portion of the days) sick in bed, at doctor’s offices, in emergency rooms, etc.  This morning there was a moment I was growing really irritated after taking one of my boys to yet another doctor’s appointment and before having to drive in to have another meeting with my divorce attorney.

My inner dialogue, “My boys have required so much of me lately, I haven’t had anytime to work my business.”  “This divorce crap never ends.   I don’t have time for another meeting.”  “The house is a mess and I don’t have the energy to clean it.” “I’m not getting enough sleep.  I’m exhausted.” 

Cue the violin… I was ready to throw myself the biggest pity party.  It would have been real easy to tailspin into Negative Nelly. 

I felt God saying, ‘whoa hold up Missy.  What is most important?!” I was reminded that my children are my biggest priority and I needed to change my self-talk.  So tonight I am choosing to be thankful that my need to focus the majority of my energy on family is coinciding with the slowest time of year for my business.  I’m grateful that my business is flexible enough to accommodate all of this.  I would have been out of sick time long ago at a traditional job.  And even though none of us want to spend our time in doctor’s offices, it is still an opportunity to spend more time together.  What a blessing that is indeed!  I choose Joy.

So I think until the new year instead of focusing on what I’m not getting done

I’m gonna give myself grace  

and let work take a backseat  My boys need me now.  And if I’m being totally transparent I need me now too. I need a break.

This post may seem like an odd one for my business page but,

I believe that sharing the tough days and real emotions openly takes power away from those negative feelings and thoughts and provides hope to others who may feel similarly. 


Abbey closes by saying, “If you can relate, which many I’m sure can because it's the holidays and even just winter itself can just be hard, please know that you aren't alone. 

Sending you a little "joy" to help with the "sadness".”

And here’s an extra dose of joy coming from me too!




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