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Meet Sydney

A high school student with a love for all things fashion.

Please welcome one of my 2018 Senior VIPs, Sydney Lacour!  Whether at school, out on the town on a Saturday night, or for her senior sessions, I always see this girl looking perfectly polished.  The way she layers and accessorizes is to be admired.  And she's usually wearing shoes that I wish my feet would still be happy to wear.  ha!  So I asked Sydney to share some of her tips with us.  While many of you are currently or plan to be in a warm location soon thanks to spring break trips planned, it's likely you will be greeted with cold temps when you return.   How do you successfully handle the weather that is confused daily?! 

With the fast approaching spring and the lingering winter, the weather is all sorts of jumbled, which can make planning an outfit quite the challenge.  We get the first day of spring and a potential winter warning all in the same week.  Hello?!?  What is up with that? 

Sydney is gonna share some tips. Take it away Syd!  :-)   

"Layering is always my go-to outfit for this change of season. An outfit with layers gives you options, which is perfect when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind.  





Layering comes in a variety of looks varying from a simple cardigan over a t-shirt to a flannel under a sweater.

photo provided by Sydney.

photo provided by Sydney.

The picture above portrays a perfect layering combination of a neutral colored oversized sweater over a denim button down. Denim on denim is always a nice combination, which is why the jeans work well and the white pops against it. Cuffing your jeans is not only cute but also keeps you cool if the day turns warm. Because the outfit on top is so neutral, you can practically wear any shoe, but I especially like the tan booties in this case the white and the brown compliment each other.




Photo provided by Sydney..

Photo provided by Sydney..

If you’re going for a more casual look, you can never go wrong with a jean jacket and a pair of leggings. Jean jackets have definitely made a comeback, and I am so glad they did; they can be dressed up or dressed down in practically any season. In the outfit above the model is wearing black leggings, a white sweater, and a jean jacket on top, but the options are limitless when it comes to what to wear under your jean jacket because denim is base color. Instead of a white sweater, one could try a black turtleneck for the chillier days and a red dress for the warmer. Jean jackets are a base piece that you can take a revolve an entire outfit around, which is perfect for dealing with weather that is ever changing.



Don’t let the in-between seasons stop you from looking your best because when you look your best you feel your best. When in doubt, layer it!


Thanks so much Sydney!  I hope that we will get to consistent warmer temps soon so we don't have to worry about layers for much longer.  ;-)

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that works well for you as you transition from winter to spring?  Tell us about it below! 




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