Fall Senior Pictures at Lake of the Woods with 4-Year Tri-athlete Letter Winner | Jack | Mahomet, IL

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It's crazy to me that the class of 2018 is over almost done with their senior year.  How did April already find its way to our lives?! 

Jack, an influential part of the football and wrestling teams at Mahomet-Seymour High School, had his senior pictures taken this past November.  The beautiful fall leaves at Lake of the Woods created a colorful backdrop that accented his wardrobe choices nicely.  He knew right away he wanted to incorporate his football and wrestling gear along (his two biggest passions as a 4 year tri-athlete at MSHS) with his highly decorated letterman's jacket in some of the photos.   In his free time, you can often find him with a fishing pole in hand so we knew that was a must for his session too.  

In addition to the school sports, he's most gonna miss just hanging with 'da boys'.  Whether you make your friendships in sports, math team, drama, band or finding commonalities with others throughout the regular school day, the friendships made in high school can have a powerful impact on you.  These are the friends that you've celebrated victories with, matured with, made mistakes with, and picked each other up when feeling down.  Lots of memories involve those friends so it's understandable that Jack, as well as all the other seniors, while looking forward to their future are gonna miss these days where they can hang with their best buds almost on a daily basis.   

Jack plans to continue his education at SIU-Carbondale in criminal justice and I'm sure as close as he is to da boys, they will find time to get together after they head to college.   

When I asked Jack what he'd tell other high schoolers considering SLP their pics, he said, "Just be yourself and be awkward.  Y'all are really nice and whole lot of fun to work with and mostly have fun with it."  Yeah, I don't take life too seriously and I don't take photography sessions too serious either.   While the end result is to provide you beautiful pics, my goal is to also have a lot of fun achieving that.    :-)  Thanks for sharing Jack.  I wish you nothing but the best for your future! 



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