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Have you ever wondered what restaurants in Champaign-Urbana accept reservations?  Twenty years ago, reservations were common practice at most sit-down restaurants and now it is the exception.  While most high school proms include dinner these days (unlike when I was growing up), there are plenty of other occasions when this info will come in handy.  Valentine's Day and the Mahomet-Seymour Vice Versa high school dance on February 17th are just two instances in the near future that you might find this helpful. 

If you decide to make plans on any holiday or a weekend that happens to fall on UI campus-wide events such as  Mom's UIUC weekend (April 13-15, 2018) / Dad's weekend (November 2-4, 2018) and homecoming (October 13, 2018) at the University of Illinois, you will be really glad to have this list.  :-) 

I asked my Facebook friends this question and there are many more restaurants in the area that still accept reservations than what I realized.  I look forward to referring back to this list when our extended family comes to town to help avoid the long wait times for dinner.


Restaurants that accept reservations

* Restaurants with an asterisk allow you to make reservations online. 


Alexander’s Steakhouse - 217-359-1789

* Bacaro - 217-398-6982

* Baxter’s - 217-239-9299

Biaggi’s - 217-365-4300

Big Grove Tavern - 217-239-3505

Billy Barooz- 217-355-8030

Desithl -217-356-0301

Guido’s - 217-359-3148

Hamilton Walker’s - 217-355-0363

* Houlihan’s - 217-819-5005

Jupiter’s at the Crossing - 217-366-8300

* KO Fusion - 217-531-1166 (online reservations not available for same day requests)

Miga - 217-398-1020

Nando Milano - 217-954-1439

Radio Maria - 217-398-7729

Ribeye - 217-351-9115 (reservations available weeknights only)

Silver Creek - 217-328-3402

Timpone’s - 217-344-7619

V Picasso - 217-351-9463



Call Ahead/Wait LiSt

The following restaurants in Champaign-Urbana have call ahead seating.  While this is not an actual reservation, calling ahead will shorten your wait time when you arrive at the restaurant.  

Texas Roadhouse - 217-355-9901 

Red Lobster - 217-355-2577

Longhorn Steakhouse - 217-352-9189

Olive Garden - 217-351-6339 (online waitlist)

Scotty's Brewhouse - 217-530-4394 (online waitlist)


The restaurants above were shared with me by my friends. I have not confirmed that the locations accept reservations so if you learn otherwise, please let me know so I can update it.  Is there somewhere in the C-U area that accepts a reservation or call-ahead seating that isn't on the list?  Please share that too so I can keep this list current and comprehensive!





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