To The Little Boy Who Just Walked Away With Another Woman


As you grow up,

save a little space in your heart for your mama.  

To my little boy, 

I see you.  I see the excitement you had leading up to your first prom.  You don't like school dances.  You tell me they play awful music.  You say they play it too loud.  You never want to go. And yet, here you are... eager to attend prom.  Because of a girl. 


You met Haley at 4-H Memorial Camp last summer, a camp you've attended for 8 years.  It's made such an impression on you that you hope to be a counselor next year which I think is awesome.  As we took pics of the two of you in front of the 4-H Camp sign, you stood there all 6' 2" of you in a gray suit, shiny shoes and matching socks.   But I saw the 9-year-old boy in mismatched clothes with a buzz cut and a smile that exposed a space eagerly waiting for a new tooth.   You have grown so much but I still see my baby boy.  


I love you.  My actions show it.  My words show it.  My expressions show it.  I couldn't be more proud of you.  I love to call you mine.  


And now as you get older, I'm adjusting to the fact that someone else wants to call you theirs.  It's time.  Time for you to have feelings for another woman but it's a bit surreal for this mama...  the first lady you ever loved.  I was the one you'd run to when you'd scrape your knee and the one you'd share your excitement with about a treasure you found.  And now standing before me is a mature, intelligent, sharp-dressed young man who is carving out his own place in the world.  


My heart just melts when I look at this last pic of you.  Look at that sweet little dimple popping out.  This is also your 'mom, seriously another picture?' look that I've seen many times.  But this time it's a little different.  You're a little less annoyed with me. And it's all because of a girl.   

I see the way she looks at you. And you at her.  


I may not always be the #1 girl in your life, but you and your brothers will always have the top spot in mine.  As you continue to grow, I cherish the time we spend together.  Your laugh makes my heart happy.  Your smile melts my heart.  You are my boy and I am your mom. 

And as you walk away with another woman, I smile.  I see a caring, loving, funny, respectful young man.  I am proud.  Proud to be the woman God chose to raise you to be someone else's man. I love you Joey!





Heather is the owner of Sweet Lemonade Photography and co-owner of Sweet Darling Weddings located in central Illinois (Mahomet).  Life gave her a bunch of lemons (you can read a little more here on her personal blog Sweet Lemonade Life) and by keeping her focus on God, finding the positive in each day, and surrounding herself with supporting, loving and encouraging people she has turned those lemons into the sweetest lemonade.  Her personal blog has been created to share her heart, her adventures and find ways to bless others.  You can contact her at or

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