Mother's Day Shout Outs From SLP Seniors To Their Own Mamas

To celebrate Mother's Day, I asked the seniors I've photographed this year what they've learned from their moms or share something with me that they haven't thanked their mom for doing, guiding or teaching them.  

May we all be more intentional with our thoughts and actions.  Share our positive thoughts with others while we have the opportunity.  Tomorrow is not promised for any of us.  May we tell those we love how we feel. May we spend time with those special to us.  May we share with others the impact they've had on our lives... big or small. Be intentional with your words and your actions. They matter. 

So here are a few words from some of the seniors that I will miss as their next adventure is right around the corner.  And I know the mamas they are talking about will miss them a wee bit more than I will.  It's been a fun year and a pleasure getting to know all of you.  Wishing you nothing but the best for your future!

Happy Mother's Day!






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She constantly tells me that with hard work I’m able to achieve whatever I want. That failing is okay as long as you don’t let it define you. And to always stand up for what you believe in.  Things that’s she’s showed me sorta would definitely be making my bed every morning because coming home to a made bed is the best feeling (especially if it’s been a bad day). And to never leave dishes in the sink for the next morning because you’ll be mad at yourself for doing that 😂 ~ Natalie


My mom has been my biggest role model and inspiration ever since I was a little girl.. There isn’t anything she can’t do, and she is the strongest person I know😊 I love her more than she’ll ever know! Mandi 


2017.09.16ErinLenschow{Senior}(83of95)0083 (1).jpg

She truly is a great role model for so many people. She always does the little things that go unnoticed such as for my basketball team, she coordinated all of the Subway meals, the concession stand, and she made sure everything was ready for each of our home games to be certain it all ran smoothly. She puts in so much hard work to everything she does and expects nothing in return. This is one of the greatest lessons she has taught me and is one of the many reasons why she is my role model.  ~ Erin 



The moments that come to mind is praying with my mom growing up. I had no idea what was going on in her life when I was young, but she listened to my prayers. Now that I’m older, I appreciate the prayer time she set aside because it has built up my relationship with God and has encouraged me to pray openly and honestly. ~Gabrielle


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 I'm really glad that my mom never gave up on me. I know parents never give up on their kids but I went through a rough time a couple years ago with getting in trouble a lot but I made it through and our bond has never been stronger.  ~Kayla


2017.11.11CassidiCollins{Senior}-9505 (1).jpg

I’d like to thank my mom for her unconditional love and providing me with boundaries and rules to follow, saying no even if she may never hear the end of it. I’d like to thank her for simply being her, the parent i hope to be toward my children..I love you Mom❤️ ~ Cassidi



 I feel like I tell my mom so much but honestly one thing I notice in her is how big her heart is. Her compassion for people is overwhelming & something I really admire.  ~Hayes


ellie (1 of 1)0001.jpg

My mom has made me into the person I am today. She has always been my number 1 supporter. She is my go to. I love her so much and will never have enough words to describe how thankful I am to have such an amazing mom. ~Ellie

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My moms has always told me is to do the right thing every time even when no one is watching.  ~Jack 

2017.09.11HalieTwombly(56of179)0056 (1).jpg

I’d say that my mom always taught me to trust God before all else. I’ve seen her go through some hard times, just like everyone does, but through it all she’s kept her faith strong. She inspires me with how humble, selfless, and loving she is and how she serves others daily. ~Hallie

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I would have to say that my mom always taught me to do what I love. She has always supported me with my decisions and that’s been pretty awesome!  ~Austin



She’s taught me so much! She’s taught me the value of hard work and working for what you have and how your actions can have an impact on others (that’s where my community service and helping others comes from). She’s taught me the value in enjoying the little things in life, to love some Cubs baseball, and passed down the value and importance of family.  ~Bailey


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Ever since my dad passed when I was young she’s been super strong and the constant in my life. I mean she took care of my siblings and I she had to be strong haha! She taught me to just keep going when the going gets tough and I thank her for that all the time. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it sure does help at the end of the year like this. I didn’t know about all this things she’s had to deal with since then such as just paying the bills. She’s very humble about it.  and I just hope to be able to take care of my family like that some day.   Jaden 

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She's showed me how to live a Christ filled life and show love to everyone that I encounter.  ~ Holt



I've never really told my mom that she is the person who showed me how to be strong through the hard times.  She taught me how to show compassion for others and that is something I will always be grateful for.  ~ Tristan


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