The Impact Fathers Have On Their Children | SLP Seniors Share About Their Own


As Father's Day weekend approaches, several of the seniors I've photographed this past year shared thoughts about their dad or male role model in their life that they admire.   As these kids start thinking about heading off to college, I know the foundation their parents built will serve them well.  


Something we have always bonded over has been sports.  Whether it be our post-game talks where he would give me tips on how to improve my game, or our long car rides to and from tournaments where we would listen to the country music countdown. I have always had a special place in my heart for father-daughter times like these.  Although I will miss his amazing coaching, I will miss the time spent together even more.  He has taught me how to give 110% in everything I do, how to love unconditionally, and how to not be afraid of failure.  Simple things like these are why I, along with many other people, greatly admire my dad and the way he approaches life.  ~ Erin 




My dad has the ability to brighten any room he walks into and make every person he comes in contact with smile.  That is something I really admire about him and aspire to be like!  ~ Sydney




I will miss his strong personality, bike rides and his garage sale runs while I'm away at college but it will just make coming home that much more special.  I appreciate my dad for loving me nonstop even if I make him upset, for always attending my sporting events and supporting me through it all, and most importantly the love he shows towards my mom.  Thank you Dad.  ~ Cassidi



My dad has always pushed me to do my best and give 110% in everything I do, whether it's school or sports!  ~ Austin



The thing that I admire most about my dad is his kind heart.  He has a way with words, has never-ending patience, is unbelievably humble, serves others daily, and never fails to make me smile throughout the day.  I couldn't be more grateful to have a role model, friend and dad all wrapped up in one!  ~ Hallie



My brother Jarod has been my go to person since and helped make sure I had such a fun childhood. He’s always been the main male figure in my life and he’s always been the one protecting me. He took on the role to give me a hard time too. From asking if I had a boyfriend to what I was doing at that moment he just wanted to mess with me, but he also wanted to make sure I was okay. He stepped into that role at such a young age and I can’t imagine my life any different. I admire how he’s always been there for me and how he made sure I would have that male figure. Even when Jarod wasn’t here in Mahomet he was always calling and checking up on my mom and I. He took a big step up in supporting all of us in everything and I wish to meet someone someday who will take care of my family like he does. ~ Jaden



Oh my, my dad's a character for sure.  He never fails to make me laugh or brighten up the room he's in. I love his sense of humor and his big heart.  He's a softy and I love him for it! ~ Hayes



One lesson I'll never forget is him telling me, "it's not about what happens but what you do when what happens happens."  With the loss of my step mom it's been hard on both of us but we've overcome a lot of obstacles and I'm grateful for that.   ~ Kayla



My dad always supports me in whatever I’m doing. He’s definitely the #1 dance dad. He always acts super tough but he’s a softie on the inside(don’t tell him I said that 😉). He always tells me to do what makes me happy and I’ll definitely miss singing in the car with him even though he’s tone deaf😂.  He’s the best and I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing dad! ~ Ellie



My favorite characteristic about my father is how hardworking and selfless he is. He makes sure everyone else has what they need before he gets what he needs. I’m going to miss watching our weekly shows together and his big hugs. My dad is my best friend ❤️ ~ Natalie



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