Love Your Contents More Than Your Container | My Own Struggle With Weight

Learning to love yourself... just the way you are right now!

This is me, the girl behind the camera, this winter. About 15 pounds lighter than I am now.  

This is me, the girl behind the camera, this winter. About 15 pounds lighter than I am now.  

*Getting personal* I have a problem. I photograph people self-conscious cause their face is breaking out. I photograph men and women concerned about the extra weight they are carrying. I have photographed people conscientious of their skin which is almost raw from their OCD.

And you know what... until they shared these concerns with me I did not notice those things. I see the beauty in them. I see the way their eyes light up when they talk about someone they love. I see their excitement when telling me about an activity they are involved in. I love the way the way someone crinkles their nose when they laugh. I see their confidence grow when I show them a picture straight out of the camera. They can't believe it's them. I love that! I want every person who steps in front of my camera to feel empowered, confident and see the beauty in themselves that everyone around them already sees.

Sooo, you're probably wondering what my problem is. Here it is.... I see the beauty in everyone else regardless of shape or size, and yet I have been spending most of my energy focused on my 'container' and not my ‘contents’. My body (container) is merely a shell that holds the precious things. My body contains my heart, my love, my generosity, my faith, my compassion, my creativity, my passion, my tenderness, my kindness, my positivity. My contents are so much more important than my container. And yet, I've spent the last 6 months hating myself more and more as I've gained almost 40 pounds...and doing nothing about.

Today... I've decided I'm tired. I'm tired of spending negative energy on something I can control. I started exercising again a few weeks ago, and today I've decided I will stop drinking Mountain Dew (again). And while those things are great choices the best choice I can make is simple and hard…. loving me, just the way I am. My weight does not define me. Yet I’ve been allowing it to do so.

So today, if you’re struggling if with positive thoughts about yourself whether it’s weight, addiction, abandonment, bullying, etc. I would like you to take this step with me. Love yourself. You are worth it! If you’d like, shoot me a message, I’d love to pray for you.


* This was originally posted on my FB page a month or two ago.  It resonated with so many that I wanted to include it on my blog as well.  And for a little-added fun, I added a video below that I stumbled this morning.   Aunt Boo reminds us all to love us the way we are.  After you watch this, you'll be ready to go to your mirror!  :-)

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