A Love Letter To Gabrielle | Fisher High School | Class of 2018



A couple weeks ago, I began the fun for my Class of 2019 SLP VIP crew with a styled shoot at the pool.  Wanna see some of the fun we had?  Be sure to check out the blog post on the pool party styled shoot.  Each year, through the VIP program, I get to spend time with high schoolers way beyond just their senior portrait session.  They participate in styled shoots, enjoy quarterly social gatherings, volunteer together, and make lots of memories.  The VIP program makes the experience of having your senior portraits taken as unique as you are.  If you're interested in learning more about the VIP program, shoot me a message.  Applications are already being accepted for the classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022.  That's the beauty of Sweet Lemonade Photography's VIP program... the fun starts way before your senior year.  So send me a message and let me tell you how you can start enjoying the perks as early as your freshman year!  

As we begin the 2019 VIP season, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the 2018 VIP crew.  I've invited all the parents of the 2018 SLP VIP team to share a few thoughts or a few pages of thoughts about their child with the world.   Whatever was on their heart.   

Eighteen years ago when these babies were born, high school graduation seemed like forever away.  And now here they are, their babies have graduated and very soon they will be packing them up and saying goodbye to them as they begin their next adventure at college.  Some of them are staying local while others are moving half way across the country.  I pray all these kids know that they are loved fiercely.  By their family, by their friends, and by me.   I've enjoyed watching them perform in plays, photographing them playing their favorite sport, taking them out for ice cream, and just being one more person in their fan club.  I wish them continued success, encourage them to work hard, let fear take a backseat and chase their dreams.  I'm rooting for you! 






                  There are not enough words to define the imprint you have made on our hearts.  The challenges and obstacles placed in your path has created a strength that no one but you can understand the endurance required to overcome, persevere, and ultimately succeed-achieve-and continue to focus on facing each new challenge head on! 

Continue to give yourself and others’ grace.  Each child of God has not only an individual uniqueness, but an individualized story that is intertwined with highlights and despair.  When your story has faced challenges the strength and determination you’ve shown is nothing short of amazing!  Remember that others’ also have life experiences in their paths that impact responses.   One decision can be life-changing, so pause, evaluate and choose wisely.  However, change and decision making is important for growth, development and progress. 

Self-reflect on past decisions and experiences, don’t be highly self-critical, forgive yourself and ask God for forgiveness.  Keep your integrity, values and virtues at the forefront.   The capacity to continue to persevere when obstacles present themselves is the key to success and remember building relationships and working as a team makes memories. 


Memories are in the moments and we’ve had so many moments where your laughter was contagious, your smile meant a 1000 words and the goals you set and accomplished make us proud.  As you grow into a young woman, may you choose to share the love of Christ and invest in others:  “The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remains as your legacy”—Kalu Kalu 

May your legacy leave a lasting imprint that promotes the strength to stand up for your beliefs, show kindness and grace freely and expand your knowledge and capacity for growth, development and continue to place tools in your toolbox as resources to live life to the fullest. 

We will love you unconditionally and are proud to be called your Mom and Dad.


Heather is the owner of Sweet Lemonade Photography and co-owner of Sweet Darling Weddings located in central Illinois (Mahomet).  Life gave her a bunch of lemons (you can read a little more here on her personal blog Sweet Lemonade Life) and by keeping her focus on God, finding the positive in each day, and surrounding herself with supporting, loving and encouraging people she has turned those lemons into the sweetest lemonade.  This blog has been created to share her heart, her adventures and find ways to bless others.  You can contact her at heather@sweetlemonadelife.com or heather@sweetlemonadephotography.com.

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