TBT | Holt | A kid with a 4.0 and a servant’s heart

What?!?! This kid and his achievements blows my mind. Holt, a prominent player on the MSHS basketball team, graduated from Mahomet-Seymour last year. So of course we had to take some of his high school senior pics on the basketball court. While in high school he was involved in a variety of activities, groups, sports, church and managed to excel in the classroom.

And he continued that this year as freshman year at Ole Miss. This kid among all the social activities with his fraternity, volunteer work throughout the community, church events on campus, this kid managed to finish his first year of college with a 4.0. Holt is a pre-med major and I am so darn proud of this kid! He just left to spend a month serving as a camp leader for Young Life, a Christian based organization that invites people to learn about and/or strengthen their relationship with Christ.. Did you know many local towns here in Champaign County have Young Life groups? You need to check it out!

As most of the college kids have wrapped up their year and transitioning to their summer plans, I pray they all enjoy some well deserved downtime. Hearing what all Holt has planned for the summer his free time might be quite limited but I am confident he will find some time to have some fun. :-)

Congrats on a fantastic year Holt!



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