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I shared the following on Facebook earlier this summer when my sign at my new studio was installed.  It was such an empowering moment for me and I wanted to blog it so I could refer back to it when I might be feeling less than, not good enough, etc to remind myself how far I've come.  Sometimes it's easy to only think about how far we still have to go and forget to remember and celebrate how far our journey has already taken us!  



Something happened today that for some businesses is just a minor detail. For me, it is a powerful symbol. 

I’ve shared my story before so don't want to sound like a broken record but it's an important part of my journey. And it is the only reason I’m doing photography. My divorce, albeit not what I wanted, created a stronger, better, happier version of me. I pray if you're in a dark spot in your life right now, I want you to know the other side is pretty darn sweet! Just hang in there!

Eight years ago, my husband left me. I was a stay at home mom who became a single mom and I was trying to figure out my next step. I spent probably the first 18 months in a soul-crushing fog trying to figure out what I did wrong. Depression was deep. Tears were shed till there was nothing left to cry. I was in survival mode. I was surviving but not living. 

Continual words directed at me over the years about my inability, incompetency and inadequacy caused my confidence to plummet. I believed the negative words others said about me. 

And then at the urging of a few friends almost 7 years ago, I decided to announce to everyone I was going to start charging for pictures. I was paid $50 for my first session and I didn’t feel like I was worth that. I didn’t believe I was good enough. And then I started reading manuals, watching videos, attending workshops, practicing, learning and practicing some more. 

And today… today, I stood and watched as MY sign for MY business at MY studio was installed. You know how awesome that felt?! Freaking amazing! 

Seven years ago, I would have laughed if you would have told me I’d be running my own business. And today, in the front yard of my studio, my sign was installed. But it isn’t just a sign. It is MY reminder that anything is possible when you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

Life gave me lemons, you bet. But I’m now enjoying the best damn lemonade because of it! 

If you’re struggling, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. If that feels impossible, I pray you have a friend that pushes you to keep the feet moving until you have enough energy to put them in motion yourself. Believe in yourself! Love yourself!


XOXOXO, Heather


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