Printed Photo from 1981 Creates New Memories in 2015.

The comparison. Dec. 1981 to Jan. 2015. And seriously.... my mom doesn't look like she's aged one bit!

The comparison. Dec. 1981 to Jan. 2015. And seriously.... my mom doesn't look like she's aged one bit!

Ahhhh, this was so much fun hunting down pieces at Goodwill to recreate this. Pictured here are my grandma, my mom and me. :-)

This is a great example of how memories are made NOT only on a trip or event but in the planning stages too. The photo on the left was the reason that created such fun memories for a couple weeks leading up to taking the picture on the right. We scoured Goodwill and other thrift stores to find the pieces that would best match what we were wearing 30 years earlier.

As we held up china cups to compare to the photo we would laugh til we almost peed envisioning the end product. It was fun seeing Grandma Toya light up through the process. At 96, she will tell you, there isn't much to look forward to but in the days leading up to recreating this pic, she was so excited. The laughter was contagious. She was excited to be needed for this project. We found ribbon at Walmart for 50 cents that mom glued on to my Goodwill shirt that was two sizes too small to make it look like the one I wore when I was 5.

This photo is a three-part reminder for me.

1) Take pictures

Pictures take us back in time to remember moments in our past that otherwise might be forgotten.

2) Print pictures

In the digital age, it's easy to think, "I'll print these later" and then years later your phone crashes. All your pictures are lost and you're wishing you would have printed thems sooner. Don't wait! Print!

3) Enjoy the ride

There is a lot in life that can be stressful but take time to enjoy life. Find ways to laugh. Make memories. Spend time with those you love. A silly idea to recreate a pic from 30 years earlier became a highlight for grandma. Don't take for granted how the simplest things can provide the best memories.


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