Senior Picture Outfit Ideas for Boys

Whether you’re the senior boy who’s going into senior photos or a mom looking for ideas, we’ve got you covered and will give you senior picture outfit ideas for boys that really work. If you’re like majority of the boys I work with, you’re only taking senior pictures for Mom and are perfectly happy wearing your favorite t-shirt and jeans. And for the record, so am I (as long as it’s clean and not wrinkled).

Why am I cool with this? Because wearing what you love makes you feel comfortable, and being comfortable helps you feel confident. At the end of the day, I want your Sweet Lemonade Senior picture experience to make you feel awesome, and if a fancy outfit is going to make you feel out of your element, then it’s not worth it.


What to Wear During Your Senior Pictures

Whatever the heck you want. I love photographing kids that love fashion, style and embrace it. I also love a kid that pulls off a plain white t-shirt like it’s the hottest trend. Overall, what I love photographing the most is a kid who isn’t trying to pretend to be anyone else. Come as you are and we will have fun bringing out the very best of you! But if we want to get specific, typically, I suggest three outfits for boys, because unless they are really into fashion, three is a manageable number for boys.

1) Mom’s Outfit

The first outfit is typically the one that Mom chooses and the nicest of the three. You could do a khaki outfit and with a collared shirt, sweater or maybe it’s a suit and tie. Almost every boy has told me, ‘these pics are for her’ and she will cherish them for the rest of her life, so let her pick out her favorite.


A few plus sides of choosing a nice, more formal is 1. you can never go wrong with a classic look and 2. you’ll also be able to use it for your LinkedIn and college applications if a photo is required. Although it might feel unlike you, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple pictures that give you the appearance of being a mature, responsible adult. I say this because I’m over 40 and still act like a kid, so I too have photos that give the illusion I’m mature. We all need at least one.


2) Your Outfit

The next outfit is all about you, and usually it is a little more relaxed. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: What do YOU love to wear? Do you love patterns and colors? Want to mix and match coordinating patterns? Do you wear black and white Adidas jogger style pants and a white t-shirt every day with your favorite pair of sneakers? Wear it!


This is all about you and what you love! These are senior pictures, so where what makes you “the senior” happy. For some this might be a button down shirt and khakis, while others might want to wear their prom dress or a vintage find. This outfit whether fancy or casual, this is the one that will show off more of your personality. Even if you laugh at your style choice 20 years from now, who cares?! These photos are to capture exactly who you are right now so let it shine! Besides, if you want some new pics for the gram, you’ll want an outfit that feels like you.


3) Your sport, hobby, or ride

High school is a time where you not only have dedicated time to do the things or play the sports you love, but it’s also encouraged. Senior pictures is a perfect chance to pay homage to those passions!


First, let’s talk about incorporating your favorite sport. I’d suggest bringing your jersey and sporting equipment and we’ll find a cool background to capture these, which could be as classic as walking on the field one more time, or in front of brick wall. We can also get creative and hide your jersey under your graduation gown for a hero reveal or tossing a football in the air in your suit. Doing something out the box is totally encouraged here and will be differ that the sports pictures you already have.


School sports aren’t your thing? No problem. If you love music, bring your guitar and we’ll find a shady spot under a tree to get some pics of you doing your thing. Whether it’s lifting, being a lifeguard, your hat collection, or your first car, we’ll figure out a way to capture you in your element.


Book your session and plan your outfits with me!

Part of choosing SLP for your senior pictures is getting access to me! I love helping seniors pick out their outfits and locations, so it really feels like them. All you have to do is book your session here. Either the senior or the parent can fill out the contact form. Book now and talk soon!

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