Daisy Turns One!

This is one of my favorite family sessions ever.   This mom and dad, Katie and Jason, embrace the idea of natural, candid photos. The love they have for their little girl shines through in each and every one of these images.   This session was scheduled 9 months in advance of celebrating Daisy's first birthday this past April.  They value capturing these types of moments.  It was such a fun, loving, playful session that I knew we had images that were 'magic'. In this blog, I talked about the little moments that I like to capture.  This one was no exception... the little hands, Daisy placing her finger on her mom's lips, a close-up of the necklace that Katie's mom made, Daisy's two little teeth popping through, etc.  While I like to focus on the children, I also like to put focus on mom and dad during family sessions.  The love and admiration on the parents' faces when they look at their child, the kisses they shower their babies with, or how a mama gently holds their child's hand.

It's easy as a parent to focus our attention to our children when looking at photos but we also must remember that as our children get older, they will be looking lovingly at their mom and their dad when they look at the photos.  They want memories of you as much as you crave these memories of them.

Enjoy just a few of the many moments we captured on that beautiful spring day!




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