Father and Daughter Graduates Together in 2019!

Meet Rachel. She is graduating high school this year. Awesome right?


Meet Rachel’s dad. He is graduating this year too. How freaking awesome is that?!


This is such an incredible accomplishment and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 10 years ago Ted, Rachel’s dad, set a goal to get his Bachelor’s degree by the time his daughter graduated college. Working full-time and helping raise Rachel with his wife Kim, he knew one class at a time was the best way to set himself up for success. In addition to working a full time job in IT, he would spend his evenings studying side by side with his girl. As Rachel entered high school, Ted realized if he took 2 classes at a time it’s possible he could receive his Bachelor of Science in Organizational and Professional Development in 2019…. four years ahead of schedule.

I’m impressed. We all can learn from Ted. What probably seemed like an overwhelming task ahead of him 10 years ago, he just focused on one step at a time. Many won’t have the courage to take the first step knowing there are sooooo many more steps after that first one. But Ted took one step, one test, one class at a time and 10 years later he’s receiving his diploma from Eastern Illinois University.

New goal set. New goal achieved. I’d like to introduce you to the father/daughter dynamic duo of the graduating class of 2019!


And aren’t these Mickey Mouse graduation caps adorable?!


I get a little emotional thinking about the milestone they achieved simultaneously. It’s really something special. And I’m in awe at how they juggled the late nights studying, project deadlines and anxiety induced test taking on top of all their other obligations and commitment at work, school, church and throughout the community. This is a driven and passionate family and they manage to not only do it all… but do it all well!


And these two would not have had such success without a phenomenal woman behind them being a chef, chauffeur, cheerleader, motivator… and sometimes literally carrying them through the yucky parts of life. ;)

Meet Kim, the gal who carries the weight of the world (or at least her daughter) on her shoulders! ha!

With all the rain we’ve had this ditch was muddy so mom comes to the recuse. Love capturing moments like this.

With all the rain we’ve had this ditch was muddy so mom comes to the recuse. Love capturing moments like this.

It is most certainly a family affair to accomplish such tasks so even though she wasn’t expecting to be in pictures, I knew I needed to get Kim in a photo with both of her graduates… her husband and her daughter.


Rachel, my dear, it has been a pleasure to get to know you better this year as one of my VIPs. And as your new adventure is right around the corner and you move away from home to start your college career at Millikin I pray you always feel your parents’ love. No one will ever love you more fiercely than the two that wrapped their arms around you tonight. That is a beautiful gift that no distance will ever diminish.

Love you girl!