Senior Styled Shoot- Two American Girls, Fourth of July USA


I have had so much fun already this summer with my 2018 Sweet Lemonade Photography VIP team.  The American styled shoot with Gabrielle (Fisher High School) and Sydney (Mahomet-Seymour High School), two of my 6 senior VIPs this year was a blast.  And a special thanks Hatcher's Cars in Mahomet for allowing us to borrow this classic car, 1968 Rambler, painted a perfect red, white and blue combination.  In addition to their typical senior session, throughout the summer we have a variety of fun styled shoots and social activities planned. Photographing teens and seniors, is a lot of fun and this VIP program allows me to get to know these young adults even better.  If you are an incoming junior and would like to apply for the 2018-2019 Senior VIP program, you can find more details here.  It's never too early to apply!

Enjoy these pics from the first one of several styled shoots!


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