Wooded Spring Senior Photography

With customized senior sessions, we brainstorm ideas, locations, outfits, props, etc that will make each session unique.  Maddy's session had the most beautiful AND personal location and it's always fun when Sweet Lemonade Photography is asked to be a part of this special moment for seniors, who are wrapping up their years under their parents roofs and getting ready to spread their wings, whether that means college, apprenticeships, or going straight out into the work force. It's fun hearing their excitement, seeing their joy for life, and learning more about the plans they have for their future. I didn't fully grasp the concept when they said they'd like to have Maddy's senior photos at their 'family cabin' right outside of Mahomet.  When I arrived and saw multiple buildings on the property, I had asked which cabin was their families, thinking this was like a campground for anyone.  Not so!  As it turns out this property that has been in the family for generations has multiple cabins for each individual family.  Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins.... they all have cabins.  The memories made throughout Maddy's childhood makes this is a really special place for photos.

The cabins, the woods, flowering trees, wooden bridge, painted childhood tunnel, and the list goes on and on.   It is such a beautiful property.  I wish it was my backyard.  My boys would LOVE if it was our backyard!

Maddy recently graduated from Mahomet-Seymour High School and in those 4 years of school, she has had the same date to every dance.  She and her boyfriend Austin have been together all through high school and I'm so happy she asked him to come along so he could be in a few photos too!

Praying Maddy and Austin both have a blessed first year of school.



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