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Welcome to the Sweet Lemonade Destination Experience

Do you crave adventure? Do you love to explore new places? Do you want your senior experience to be completely customized and one of a kind? Then this session is right for you. You name the place and I’ll be there to capture you in a place that lights your heart on fire.

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One extraordinary “last” with your mom or dad

The Destination Experience is an opportunity for one last one-on-one weekend before you leave home and begin your next adventure. Plan a getaway with your parent or incorporate this session into that spring break trip you’re taking with your friends and their parents.

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Let me tell your story where your heart sings!

Longboarding on Venice Beach, hiking the Grand Canyon, atop an abandoned plane in Iceland or flying a kite in a dessert. In addition to taking posed pics, let’s find ways to incorporate activities you love or places that make your heart happy.