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For all the wandering and adventuring souls…

Do you crave adventure? Do you love to explore new places? Do you want your senior experience to be completely customized and one of a kind? If so, keep reading.

Let’s go

Senior portraits don’t have to be held at a local park in tall grass at sunset. They can be anywhere.

Cowboy boot wearing, music loving girl want to road trip to Nashville? How about pics in Vegas under the neon lights? Want to go to the family cabin on Lake Michigan that holds sentimental memories and take pics on the same boat where your grandpa taught you how to fish? Want to hit NYC and do a glam, editorial, high end fashion senior session? Have a family trip planned to Iceland and want me to meet you there?


Unique as you are

Take the experience of senior pics to a whole ‘nother level. One of the things I hear from seniors is their concern that their photos are gonna be taken at the same place as other local high schoolers. Destination sessions are the easiest way to ensure your images stand out from your peers. Pick a new destination that you’ve always wanted to explore. Choose a destination that has sentimental meaning. Let’s explore Chicago or another big city nearby or let’s photograph you in front of a waterfall at a national park in Southern Illinois. Destination sessions allow us to create an even more personalized experience for you providing you images as unique as you are.

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One extraordinary “last” with your mama…

You can bring anyone along on your destination session however most seniors choose to bring one person…their mom. Senior portraits are the reason for the trip but it provides so much more. Your destination session brings you and your mom (and/or dad) together for one last trip, one last late night in a hotel room eating pizza, one last shopping spree, one last major league baseball game, one last laugh til you cry moment cause your mom is so embarrassing, one last heart to heart discussing your hopes, fears and dreams. Destination senior sessions are an opportunity for one last one-on-one weekend before you leave home and begin your next adventure… all by yourself. The photos I capture provide an opportunity for you to go back to that moment and relive all those memories in your heart over and over again for years to come.

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Let me tell your story where your heart sings!

Longboarding on Venice Beach, hiking the grand canyon, atop an abandoned plane in Iceland or flying a kite in a dessert.. In addition to taking posed pics, let’s find ways to incorporate activities you love or places that make your heart happy.



Here’s the freaking awesome part. Based on my availability and location you choose, there might not be any additional travel fees. What?! I know, crazy right? In addition to the session fee and prints/digitals you purchase, my travel costs (hotel, gas, airfare, etc) are typically paid by you as well. However, as traveling is in my heart and soul, I’m always looking for a great excuse to explore new places so I offer something insane. 1 to 2 destination sessions a year, I waive all the additional travel expenses. That’s right, whether you choose Florida or Italy, I would pay for my own travel expenses. Let’s be real… if you give me an excuse to travel overseas, I’m in.

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Extended sessions

Because we will be exploring a new area together, I offer extended sessions at discounted prices to ensure we have plenty of time to hit up the most scenic, fun, and beautiful locations without stressing and watching the clock. Destinations are the only time I offer sessions that are half-day and full-day options. It provides us with plenty of time to travel between locations, get more candid and lifestyle shots (eating ice cream on the beach, having an espresso outside a quaint Parisian cafe, strolling the brick paths of Italy, etc) between the posed shots.

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Who goes

One parent is required to join us on your destination senior trip. If you want to bring both parents, sibling(s) or your BFF you are more than welcome to do so.


Where shall we go

You can choose a destination session anywhere in the world. We can discuss logistics, pricing and best times to go. I’m a bargain shopper so I am always on the lookout for inexpensive flights around the US and world. And the great deals don’t last long. So I encourage you to talk to me about where you want to go early so we can have a pretty solid game plan right away. That way when we find a deal on flights or hotels we can jump on it. It’s never too early to start planning your destination session. I’m talking years in advance…. if you’re a freshman, let’s start talking now. If you’re a junior or senior, there is still time but you don’t want to wait a minute to reach out to me. If you don’t have a specific location in mind but know you want your session to be epic, let me know and I’ll be watching. Recently, I found flights to Florida for $68 roundtrip, Vegas for $80 and a 6 day trip to Greece for flight and hotel for $600 per person. I can be watching for an amazing location at a no brainer price so be ready to book.

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When shall we go

Due to destination sessions requiring at least a weekend or even a week depending on the location, I highly recommend doing destination sessions during the summer before your senior year. With school, sports and activities, it makes it challenging to find time during the school year. I’m always game to head somewhere for a long weekend during the school year if your schedule allows but I know that can be tricky.

destination senior photographer sweet lemonade photography phoenix arizona


I mentioned above that depending on location and my availability I would not charge travel fees. Don’t assume, you should pick somewhere a couple hours away as opposed to somewhere a plane ride away in the hopes of securing one of the 2 destination sessions I do annually at no charge. Choosing a location that is a photographer’s dream or just on my bucket list is good enough reason for me to be willing to fly to another continent to do your senior session. You are responsible for your own food, lodging, and travel expenses.

The collections of prints and products are the same whether you choose to do your session locally or internationally. The minimum order requirement for destination sessions (more than 3 hours away) is $1,200. The minimum order requirement for destination sessions out of the US is $2,000. Given the amount of time we spend personalizing your destination session and variety of locations and TONS of images to choose from, you will likely spend between $2,000-$4,000.

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I’m Ready to pack my bag!

Are you?

Let’s Make Magic!