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Hey there!

Blessings come from brokenness. The emotional abuse I endured years ago crushed my spirit and left me constantly questioning if I was good enough, smart enough, capable enough. My spirit was broken.  


After being a stay-at-home mom for 11 years with no intention of ever working outside the home again, I became a single mom with 3 young boys. Lost, confused, and depressed I had no idea what I was going to do next. 


Enter a friend who believed in me before I believed in myself. And that’s when I started my photography business. Life gave me lemons and I turned it into lemonade. 


This is why I’m so passionate about creating a fun experience for every person who steps in front of my camera and providing an environment to capture the most authentic version of you possible.  


You deserve to feel beautiful, confident and worthy.  


You likely found me cause you were searching for a photographer.  Guess what? You also found your next hype girl!  

I'm Heather.


Empowering my clients

Sweet Lemonade strives to empower and encourage every client by showing beauty and joy in free spirited fun images that inspire confidence and a strong sense of self worth.

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A photographer in the making! Young me with a little 110 camera.  

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Say cheese!

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