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Revealing Joy for Service-Based Female Entrepreneurs through Curated Adventures.

Rejuvenate & Elevate

You’ll return home, not just a traveler, but as a rejuvenated, transformed version of yourself!!!

Imagine networking while walking on the beach, exchanging ideas over Mai Tais, and creating joint ventures that could transform your business.

Maybe it's a game-changing tip from another woman, or a new perspective you hadn't considered—every interaction has the potential to improve your business by that crucial 1%.

When you take a break with us, it’s like adding a splash of lemon to your routine—invigorating and refreshing. You'll come back with renewed energy, a clearer mind, and a bunch of amazing memories. 

Plus, those connections you make? They could lead to lifelong friendships and incredible business opportunities.

You’ll come back ready to conquer the world!

Unplugging guilt-free is no longer a luxury, it's necessary.

Pack your bags!


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Disconnect from the daily grind and immerse yourself in

meticulously curated experiences.

Sweet Praises

Every experience with Heather is filled with intention and heart! Whether it's the thrill of surfing or the joy of meeting friendly monkeys, each moment is unforgettable. Join us for an adventure that excites, inspires, and uplifts!


Sweet Lemonade Adventure Club 


Top 5 Reasons You
Should Join Us

As women who juggle numerous responsibilities, planning a trip can add unnecessary stress to your already busy life. That’s where we come in. By joining our group, you get:

Stress-Free Travel: Leave the planning to us! From accommodations to activities, we've got every detail covered...including surprises you aren't expecting! Simply show up, relax, and enjoy.

Solo Traveling Safely: Traveling alone can be daunting. In our group, you'll experience the security and peace of mind that comes with exploring new destinations with like-minded women, while still having opportunities to have your own space.

Joyful Community: Connect with women who share your interests and passions. Build lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories together.

Personal Growth and Inspiration: Travel has the power to transform. Have you heard the phrase "Green and growing or ripe and rotting?'  Keep GROWING!  Step out of your comfort zone, embrace new cultures, and return home with fresh perspectives, and renewed energy.

Flexible Itineraries: While we plan the details, we also respect your personal preferences. Whether you want to join group activities or take some time for yourself, our flexible itineraries allow you to do just that.

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You've made it this far...

Are you ready to say yes to adventure? 

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