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Let's capture your joyful moments

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Ala Carte Options

Handpick Your Treasured Moments


🍋 Choose your Finish:

      Traditional Canvas, Metal, or Wood

30 x 40

24 x 36

20 x 24

16 x 20

12 x 18







🍋 A few of the most popular collages

      Canvas (C) and Wood (W)

One 24x30 and Four 8x10 (C,W)

One 24x36, One 16x24 (C)

One 16x20 and Two 12x18 (C, W)




Metal Collages

7 photo metal collage

(One: 20x30 and Six: 8x8 metals)

5 photo metal collage

(One: 12x18 and Four: 6x6 metals)

3 photo collage

(One: 20x20 and Two: 12x12 metals)




Wood Art

Trio (one 12x12, two 8x12)

Mini Trio (two 8x8, one 6x6)

12" (round or square)

Accordion (8x8, 6x6)





Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice | November 2023

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Did you

Printed photographs displayed on your walls provide children with a sense of belonging.  
They feel loved and important, which research shows, also increases their confidence.

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🍋 An amazing gift for grandparents, to display at your office, to have in your purse, etc.

12x12 Album

(20 pg / 40 pics)

10x10 Album 

(20 pg / 30 pics)

6x6 Album

(20 pg / 20 pics)




🍋 Purchase any 12x12 or 10x10 album

and you can purchase a 6x6 identical album for $250. 


Announcements (50 ea)

     additional 25 cards of each

8x10 or smaller prints

Personalized linen box

with 20 5x7 matted images and custom USB with all digitals (digitals purchased separately)

Wood Story Block

w/ 10 mounted prints (5x7/8x10)







Album Upgrades

Coordinating linen box for album

Coordinating linen album box AND personalized USB 

(digitals purchased separately)

Add extra images to any size album

Add two-page spreads

Leather album cover

Cameo window with photo












Individual Digital

10 Digitals

40 Digitals

ALL Digitals





🍋 Includes ability to share on social media and print release for rights to print up to 8x10. Larger prints are ordered through SLP.

Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice | November 2023

Carli Keller {Senior} (22 of 63).jpg

I loved that I invested in the best around my area for my daughter's senior pictures. Heather has a great talent for capturing the special moments in life and has an artist's eye that picks up on the perfect background, lighting, poses and smiles! She is the epitome of professionalism and makes the whole experience a memory one treasures! Deciding on Sweet Lemonade Photography will be the best decision one could make to capture any of life's milestones.

Kind Words

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